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Order & Process

Design And Details
At your inquiry we will provide our expert advice to help you choose the shoe design and details that will best order. And also we will provide the details and quotation for the product.
Pattern Making
A pattern is prepared, checked, and then re-made before cutting out the leather pieces that will be used to make the uppers of shoe.
Upper Making
The pieces are sewn together to make the uppers, which use the same leather as the final shoe and feature all of the final shoe’s design elements.
Making Shoes
All HANDMADE shoes are made using the same handlasting and handwriting techniques used to make the final shoe.

Final Shoemaking

The final shoe is now ready to be made. A new pattern is prepared, a new upper is made, and the shoe is built by attaching the sole and heel.
Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your order to be fulfilled at our warehouse in addition to the estimated shipping time.